About Our Club

Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club

The Iron Spartans Motorcycle Club was founded by a group of friends, known as the “original seven.” After riding and patching with another law enforcement motorcycle club, we felt our philosophical ideals would best be served on our own, which was the impetus for creating the Iron Spartans Motorcycle Club. We all share a love for riding motorcycles. We ride skillfully and confidently.  We enjoy the freedom of the open road, the camaraderie of our brotherhood, and good times accordingly. We are law enforcement officers first and foremost and abide by the conduct expectations of our profession.

The founding principals of the Iron Spartans Motorcycle Club are simple: dedication to our families, our work, and our club; camaraderie; love to ride and ride skillfully; loyalty and respect for one another. Membership is reserved for active or retired law enforcement officers. Mere ownership of a motorcycle does not solely qualify one for membership. We are interested only in quality members who will positively promote our club and enhance our brotherhood. Our bylaws govern our conduct as club members and are strictly adhered to.

Our center patch design is that of the Iron Spartan. “Iron” represents motorcycles, the foundation of our club. The Spartans of ancient Greece were highly disciplined and fierce defenders of liberty. We aptly chose the Spartan to represent our profession. The Iron Spartan wears the legendary Spartan warrior helmet. He is looking down and away, somber yet resolved, in mourning of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. He wears a seven point badge around his neck to signify our law enforcement roots. A black mourning ribbon adorns the badge in remembrance of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. The mourning ribbon includes a thin blue line, in honor of the thin line of officers who prevent civilized society from descending into anarchy.

We support all law enforcement and public safety motorcycle clubs. As our passion is riding motorcycles, we support all endeavors to promote the liberty of riding.

We have chapters in many states and we would be happy to add new states. If you are interested becoming an Iron Spartans member or forming a chapter in your area, please e-mail  (info@ironspartansmc.com) us for more information. Keep in mind, however, membership is not an entitlement and patches are not sold, they are earned. We are a club of quality over quantity